1. How do I access SSO page?

SSO login page can be access by clicking on the link

2. I’m not able to access the SSO page?
  • Please check if you are accessing the right link
  • Please check if you are able to access other websites or applications that require network connection.
  • If you are able access other websites, then please call helpdesk (1-800-266-5433) for further resolution.

3. How do I access BPMS for registering?

Go to SSO login page by clicking on and click on the link that says “Business Partner / Retainer Registration Form (BPMS)”.

4. How do I set my Forgotten Password questions to retrieve my password?

Log in to SSO portal ( and click on the “Self-Service” icon. This will present you the self-service page “Change Forgotten Password Questions” link you should be able to reset your questions and answers.

5. I forgot my password, how can I retrieve my password?

Go to SSO login page by clicking on and click on the link that says “Forgot Password”. Here you have two options to choose from. The first one i.e. "One Time Password (OTP) via SMS" allows you to receive OTP on registered mobile number and after confirmation you are allowed to reset your password.

Another option is "Secret Questions and Answers", where you will be presented with a set of Forgotten Password questions that you had set during registration. Answer the questions correctly and the system will allow you to reset your password.

6. Why is SSO asking me to select challenge response questions?

The new SSO solution provides you the ability to retrieve your forgotten password through the self-service function. The challenge response questions would be used for this purpose.

7. My Windows password is about to expire and where do I go to reset my password?

Log on to and click on self-service to access the self-service page. Click on “Change Password” to reset your Windows and other systems password.

You can also change you password by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE button at Windows Logon Screen.

8. Do I need to update/change password again in SSO ?

NO, Password would be synchronised automatically.

9. What if I forget my password and my hint question answer?

Please contact IT Helpdesk (1-800-266-5433) if you forget your password as well as your hint question answers. You can also click on "Forgot Password" and choose "One Time Password (OTP) via SMS" to reset your password.

10. I reset my password on SSO but I’m not able to log in to my application.

All applications that use the same SSO password are displayed on the SSO portal. If your application is not displayed on the portal, then your application is not integrated with SSO and you will have to reset the password through helpdesk (1-800-266-5433) for that particular application.

11. My account is locked, how do I unlock it?

Refer question 4.

12. I want to change my challenge response questions, how do I do that?

Log in to SSO portal ( and click on the “Self-Service” icon. Click on “Challenge Response Questions”  to set your forgotten user challenge response questions.

13. I don’t know how to use the SSO system; who can help me with it?

Call IT helpdesk 1-800-266-5433. They would be able to help you with the system.

14. How do I request access to an application?

Log in to SSO portal ( and click on the “Self-Service” icon. Click on “Request Account” and select the appropriate application that you need access to, fill in the form and submit it for approvals and processing.

15. How do I know if my approval has been approved or not?

You can check the status of your requests on the self-service page by clicking on “View My Requests” link.

16. Can I access the SSO page from outside the premises (through internet)?

SSO portal is not available from outside of MLI network. In case you need to access SSO from home, you will need to be connected on VPN. On the VPN page you will see the link for SSO portal.

17. Can’t I access the applications directly (i.e. by entering the URL of the application directly)?

All applications integrated with SSO will not allow you to access the application directly. You will need to go through the SSO portal.

18. Can I access the SSO page using VPN?

Yes, please refer question 14.

19. I want to update my profile information because I have a new address, phone number, email address, etc?

Please contact HR and provide your profile changes. The personal information needs to be updated in the HR system before it can be updated in the SSO system.

20. Why do I get logged out of my browser session?

The new SSO solution has enhanced security configurations which automatically logs the session out after fifteen (15) minutes of inactivity. You will need to re-login through SSO to access the application.

21. What do I do if I get a page expired notification?

You may have been logged out of your SSO session due to idle time out. Please try to login again through the SSO portal.